Going Live on Social: How live commerce in social media helps your brand stand out in this digital jungle


“If a dog can gain a following in social media, so can you.” These are wise words from Neil Patel, who has earned a coveted title of top influencer on the web.

Take @simonsits on Instagram who is shy of 80k followers—and yes—he does Instagram Lives with his adoptive owner. If a dog can do it, why shouldn’t you? Needless to say, social media has evolved from a profile building website (remember Friendster?), to a means to reach out to people you know, to a photo dump (hello, goodbye Multiply), to a blog. Social media has become a solid avenue for small and big brands alike, where long-form content can be shared, communities are built, and collaborations can be formed.

Social media is now a tool for connecting, discovery, and customer service—who knew that it would come to this? And as it continues to evolve, different types of content can be seen as its algorithms shift, and live commerce is just about to experience its massive potential.