Livestream in the Time of Corona

How livestreaming can be an essential tool for media and communications amidst the COVID-19 lockdown

Now more than ever, businesses are on the verge of temporarily suspending operations due to the coronavirus outbreak that’s affected millions of individuals worldwide. What started as a virus that seemingly could not penetrate Philippine soil, the country has since crossed its threshold of 700 cases as of 4pm Thursday, March 26, 2020.

E-commerce brands and brick and mortar stores left & right have taken to social media, not only to thank front liners and donate to their chosen advocacies, but also to post announcements regarding store operations. Most have resorted to skeletal workforces but have remained operational while their employees stayed and worked from home.

In times like these, brands are treading on tricky times: not wanting to sound opportunistic, but businesses have to remain operational enough to stay afloat, mainly to shoulder losses that are expected in the coming months and to continue to subsidize their employees as well. But it’s also in times like these where brands have to remain visible, not just to keep their profits consistent, but to ensure that people continue to think of their brand amidst all the stress, anxiety, and negativity that consumers are currently experiencing.

Livestreaming is an effective tool to keep telling your brand’s story; to stay relevant and memorable, and more importantly—to remain connected to your audience