How to Get More Eyeballs (That Matter) to Your Livestream Content


So, you’ve done your research already and have decided that livestreaming could be a viable tactic for your brand. You’ve plotted everything out, from your content calendar to the division of tasks to your content and social media team. You’ve also gotten your team ready for your next live, from your marketing goal down to your execution. You decide to announce your first livestream episode on your social media platforms via a native post and on stories. You promote the heck out of it.

The day of your livestream arrives, and your numbers are dismal. Limited shares and your impressions weren’t what you’ve expected. You think you did everything right because you planned this out for an entire month and now you ask yourself, what did we do wrong? Why did this tank?

Does this entire scenario sound daunting or familiar to you? Don’t worry. Many of us don’t get our first livestream attempts right and everything has a learning curve. The great thing about livestreaming is that the numbers have a story to tell and your reception provides valuable insights to what you can improve on for your next livestream. Don’t give up—livestreaming doesn’t go perfectly especially if you haven’t had the right strategy and tools to set it up.

Here’s a guide on how you can drive more traffic to your livestream content and hit those goals like a live commerce master.