The Big Five: These 5 product categories sold out so fast on livestream shopping within 1 hour


Would you believe that in the last 11-11 sale, online giants, Lazada sold more than 3 million orders within the first hour, and Shopee earned an estimate of 70 million items? Shopee’s order count back in 2019 was triple than what they made last 2018, while the Lazada group almost doubled their year-over-year growth on order, seller, and buyer statistics.

This is a clear indication that online shopping won’t be leaving any time soon; and with what’s currently happening in the world, it’s definitely here to stay as more people are resorting to buying online instead of risking their safety and buying essential items outside.

11-11 is probably the Black Friday/Cyber Monday equivalent of the United States here in the Philippines. Most brands are able to lower their prices so much so, that consumers instantly bite at the bullet and save the day to order as many items as possible.