Watch and Shop: Why Consumers Need Livestreaming So That They End Up Adding to Cart


Back in 2016, Maybelline hosted a two-hour livestream event featuring Chinese actress, Angelababy. The goal of the campaign was to promote its new lipstick collection and generated roughly $210,000USD in sales. That’s more than 10,000 lipsticks sold during the livestream—yes, during. With 5 million viewers, it was possible to achieve what seemed to be an impossible figure.

Looking at the market right now, more and more brands in various industries have opted to do livestream campaigns especially for new product promotions or partnership announcements. There are several formulas you can follow when launching a livestream campaign; but one thing is for sure: consumers are observed to have a “watch and shop” behavior, and livestream videos are a great way to convert them so that they’d simply add the items to their carts and eventually check them out for purchase.